Employee Manifesto

We wrote the manifesto as the initial documentation of our future culture.  This is the blueprint to be improved upon by our future hires. The manifesto is written in the wake of decades of team building and client interactions. 

Nymbl believes that great companies can be built freely, unconstrained by politics and technology. We value doing the right thing above all else, that economics will follow. Our belief is that transparency is key and essential for communication and guiding action.

We empower leaders to execute their vision by eliminating the constraints of technology and enabling them to focus on what’s important.

We value innovation backed by execution. Our employees are given authority, resources and trust. We align the company, team and individual objectives to do what’s best for clients and employees. We believe in decentralized management, where the successes and failures of teams are the product of iteration, collaboration and refinement. Where the best idea not only wins, but is acted upon with follow through.

We strive for automation and efficiency, by solving bottlenecks through process improvements and best-in-class tools. Our leaders embrace agility, resourcefulness and retrospective. Teams improve through each iteration propelled by constant learning and research.

We respect proof of results — that ideas are not enough. Action, deliberation and communication are all necessary to produce meaningful outcomes. There are no shortcuts to success, and that such success can be achieved through the balance of professional and personal values.


We say no to complacency, that outcomes are earned through knowledge and habit. That preparation is practice and improvement must be constant. We stay humble through the wins and are accountable after the losses. We create dynamic and reliable teams, who remain multi-faceted while adapting to change and feedback.

We are different in that we reject top-down management. We don’t believe teams need to be managed-- they are to be nurtured, informed and enabled. Our leaders empower employees and boost them to focus on our clients and their self development. We believe this purpose-driven approach will create long-term value for the market. We hope at the end of our efforts, our work will enable companies to innovate and execute faster than ever before.