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Nymbl Empowers Review Swapper

Building a Marketplace for Authors to Swap Quality Reviews and Increase Sales on Amazon

A Low-Code Solution to Supercharge Book Reviews and Drive More Transactions

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Review Swapper wanted to build an app tailored to authors to give and get reviews. As a startup, the Review Swapper team knew they needed to move fast with limited resources at their disposal, so they turned to no code and the Nymbl team for help. With the goal of building a proof-of-concept and MVP application within weeks for their new product idea, going the route with traditional full-stack software development was not time and cost-efficient enough. Nymbl was hired for their expertise in product building and capabilities with several no-code application platforms.


Thanks to Nymbl and the utilization of no code / low code technology, Review Swapper has been able to iterate and move faster towards launching their marketplace to the public. This enabled the startup to build a proof-of-concept MVP with low code and no code tools that allowed non-technical founders to bring their vision into reality rapidly. Within 3 months of starting the project the app was launched to 100 authors and 150+ swaps were performed


Review Swapper created a marketplace where authors can request and submit reviews from other authors. Transactions are driven to Amazon, and authors are shown suggested books based on genre, length, and price to increase the likelihood of purchase and review.

Achievements made

Review Swapper

Launched to 100 authors after 3 months of development

Platform agnostic integration to Amazon

150+ swaps and counting

Rapidly built a proof-of-concept MVP to bring their idea to life

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"I hired the team from Nymbl to develop an app and website for a new business. I had interviewed dozens of firms before choosing Nymbl. Their team is comprised of capable, brilliant individuals that stay on task and deliver on time results. They are perhaps the most capable team of tech talent I have hired to date. If you're looking for next-level talent that delivers as promised, Nymbl is your team!"

Kerry Jacobson

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