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Election Reformers Network

Election Reformers Network (ERN) is at the forefront of revolutionizing the fairness and impartiality of U.S. elections. Aware of the critical challenges posed by partisan influences, ERN has been dedicated since early 2019 to pioneering transformative solutions that safeguard our electoral processes. Backed by the Democracy Fund, our mission extends to championing legislative advancements in election ethics, reshaping the election landscape to deter partisan extremists and career politicians from dominating roles as secretaries of state, and reimagining canvass boards to reflect a more equitable representation.

Web Design and Development
WordPress to Webflow migration
16 weeks
Election Reformers Network (ERN) is at the forefront...
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The Election Reformers Network (ERN) saw the need to revamp their outdated website, which suffered from poor navigation and design, making it difficult to access their extensive work on election reform. ERN aimed to create a more inviting and user-friendly online presence with the intention of making it easier for visitors to engage with ERN's critical research and advocacy efforts, transforming the website into an effective platform for education and promoting informed discussion and action in election reform. ERN's was commited to enhance their digital footprint in order to match the dynamism of their mission.


We revitalized Election Reformers Network's website using Webflow, aiming to enhance navigation and present their impactful work in a modern, user-friendly platform. This strategic update introduced a clean, contemporary design, improving both aesthetic appeal and functionality for easier user navigation. By reorganizing their comprehensive reports and resources, the new website now effectively showcases ERN's research and contributions to election reform, boosting visibility and influence of their initiatives.

Election Reformers Network (ERN) is at the forefront...

Main Features

Easy-to-Update Blog

- Easy-to-Update Blog and News Section: Simplifies content management for ERN.

- Timely Information Sharing: Enables ERN to quickly share important updates with site visitors.

Main Features

Modern Web Experience

- Responsive Design: Ensures the website automatically adjusts to the screen size and orientation of the viewer's device, providing an optimal viewing experience whether accessed via desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

- Easy to Update: Features a user-friendly content management system (CMS) that allows for quick and straightforward updates to the website's content, ensuring the site remains current and dynamic without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Election Reformers Network (ERN) is at the forefront...



Webflow is both a professional no-code visual design tool that allows us to custom design unique websites with interactions as well as a secure hosting platform. Webflow also includes a powerful CMS feature that allows us to build database collections that can be used for displaying dynamic content. Once built and launched, Webflow allows the ERN staff to easily edit content on the site using Webflow’s visual Editor. Webflow was used for the following functions: website design, creation of all pages, blog posts, news articles, and contact form.


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