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Conifr is an SEO agency, with decades of expertise across all facets of organic search, including technical, content, local, and international SEO. This agency is renowned for its ability to drive significant results and its keen understanding of organic search trends. Serving a global clientele, Conifr is committed to recognizing the unique qualities of each client, celebrating their success stories. Renowned for their approachable and enjoyable collaboration style, Conifr ensures that working together on SEO becomes not just a task, but a rewarding and fun experience.

Website Development
SEO Agency
8 Weeks
Conifr is an SEO agency, with decades of expertise across all facets of organic search...
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Conifr recognized its website was outdated, lacking in responsiveness, visual appeal, and user-centric design, leading to navigation issues, poor adaptability to different screen sizes, and low visitor engagement. The site's cluttered design did not meet modern web standards, hindering easy access to information and a seamless browsing experience. Additionally, the absence of a platform for sharing news limited effective communication with the audience. Conifr embarked on transforming its website into an innovative, user-focused space to enhance interaction and engagement with its community.


Conifr's website underwent a transformative redesign using Webflow, focusing on a user-centered, responsive, and visually appealing approach with minimal coding. The revamp introduced intuitive navigation, mobile-friendliness, and a contemporary layout for better accessibility. Additionally, a blog platform was integrated, enhancing communication and engagement with the audience. This overhaul significantly improved user satisfaction and expanded Conifr's online visibility, creating an engaging, user-friendly, and adaptable online presence enriched with dynamic content sharing.

Conifr is an SEO agency, with decades of expertise across all facets of organic search...

Main Features

Easy-to-Update User-Friendly Blog

- User-Friendly Blog: Designed for simplicity and ease of use.

- Easily Updateable: Allows Conifr staff to update content at any time without hassle.

- Focus on Readability: Prioritizes clear and accessible presentation of information.

Main Features

Responsive & Attractive Website

- Responsive Design: Automatically adjusts layout and content to match the device's screen size and orientation.

- Optimal User Experience: Ensures seamless viewing across various devices including desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Conifr is an SEO agency, with decades of expertise across all facets of organic search...



Webflow is both a professional no-code visual design tool that allows us to custom design unique websites with interactions as well as a secure hosting platform. Webflow also includes a powerful CMS feature that allows us to build database collections that can be used for displaying dynamic content. Once built and launched, Webflow allows the Conifr staff to easily edit content on the site using Webflow’s visual Editor. Webflow was used for the following functions: website design, creation of all pages, blog posts, news articles, and contact form.


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