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Karim Ardalan

Senior Solution Architect

As the Senior Solution Architect at Nymbl, Karim first takes time to understand the goals of what clients are trying to build, who they’re building it for and why they’re building it in the first place. Then he gets to work on the how: What are the best tools to use? What’s the data structure? Who will the users be? What integrations are required (e.g., Stripe for payment processing, Airtable synchronization, etc.)? Using this structure he then develops a plan for an app to achieve these goals following best practices. 


A diverse career in web design, project management, sales and database development informs this mission. As the owner of a web design agency, he learned to effectively align client goals with internal execution, translating aspirations into technical language developers could use to build an app. A Webflow Professional Partner and Bubble expert, his focus at Nymbl is growing their Webflow and Bubble side of the business.


An amateur comedian, Karim delights in testing out the latest dad jokes with his teenage son and daughter.

Karim Ardalan