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Goodway, a top provider of industrial supplies, encountered multiple obstacles with their current technology solutions.

Time :
4 Weeks


Goodway's technology challenges included the absence of a centralized dashboard for monitoring critical metrics such as inventory status, growth metrics, and other essential data. Moreover, their ERP and Salesforce integrations required enhancements, resulting in challenges when managing inventory processes and tracking sales representatives' commissions. Goodway has been a valued client of Nymbl for three years and sought to improve their business operations. They recognized the need for a comprehensive dashboard to monitor their high-level metrics and gain a better understanding of their international activities. They also experienced challenges with tracking sales commissions for their representatives and teams, and their work order management system was inefficient, making it difficult to schedule third-party technicians for servicing.


To address these critical challenges, Nymbl was engaged. Utilizing their expertise in technology solutions, Nymbl developed a custom dashboard that extracted data from Goodway's ERP system, providing sales breakdowns by territories and sending automated emails for reporting purposes. Moreover, a specialized international dashboard was created to give Goodway a complete view of their activities. To streamline commission tracking, Nymbl developed a custom commission application that calculated sales commissions in multiple ways, integrating with Goodway's ERP system to monitor individual and team sales. The work order management system was also improved to provide technicians with scheduling information and notifications, ensuring smooth servicing of machines in the field. Lastly, Nymbl developed a demo equipment tracking app to keep track of all demo machines, ensuring they were always available for client demos and trade shows.

Main Features

Commissions App

- Track sales performance and commissions
- Streamline payouts
- Group sales reps and teams
- ERP integrations
- Maximize sales potential

Main Features

Case Reporting

- Track and monitor reported cases associated with sold parts
- Analyze and categorize the reasons behind reported cases
- Calculate the quality yield of each part to assess its performance and reliability



Project's Team


Justin Pemberton
Solutions Engineer
Jeffrey Zarate
Development Lead
Martyn Mason
CEO / Co-Founder
Paula Villanueva
Project Manager

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