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VUPICO, since its inception in 2015, has evolved into a global leader in transforming data into business value. With a diverse team and a suite of data and analytics solutions, they strategically optimize data usability and enhance its value throughout enterprises. Their results-oriented approach not only improves data quality and reporting but also delivers significant cost savings, waste reduction, and growth opportunities.

Product Design + 6 App Modules
Full Stack Development
4 Months
VUPICO, since its inception in 2015, has evolved into a global leader in...
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Quickly develop scalable SaaS Application

VUPICO faced pressing challenges in their digital advancement journey. They urgently required swift requirement gathering and iteration to support a demo event and nurture a client pipeline. Additionally, they needed to develop a scalable application integrated with SAP Systems within a tight deadline, including crafting an MVP in three months. VUPICO also aimed to strengthen internal capabilities by empowering and recruiting a skilled development team. Furthermore, they sought solutions for seamless SAP integration, BOM data management, and sustainability governance. Effective governance of sustainability initiatives and streamlined data collection processes were also essential. Addressing these challenges was crucial for VUPICO's continued success and evolution in the digital landscape.


Agile Solutions for Complex Challenges

Nymbl addressed VUPICO's challenges by swiftly gathering requirements and iterating on solutions to support their demo event and enhance their client pipeline. We developed a scalable application that seamlessly integrated with enterprise SAP Systems, meeting the tight three-month deadline for an MVP. Beyond immediate needs, we established a sustainable foundation by managing BOM data and facilitating master data governance changes crucial for sustainability initiatives. Additionally, we empowered VUPICO's internal development team by delivering solutions and fostering growth. Leveraging our expertise in seamlessly integrating with SAP and other ERP systems, managing BOM data, governing sustainability initiatives, and facilitating emissions data collection, Nymbl navigated these challenges and propelled VUPICO towards their digital goals.

VUPICO, since its inception in 2015, has evolved into a global leader in...

Main Features

  • Centralized data collection, storage, management, and governance hub
  • Enhance organizational data management and quality while capturing data
  • Quickly Establish EPR/LCA/Carbon Reporting Capability and Benchmarking
  • Optimize statutory reporting timelines

Main Features

  • Data governance
  • Data Migration
  • BI, Analytics, and Reporting

VUPICO, since its inception in 2015, has evolved into a global leader in...


Full Stack Development

Full-stack development combines front-end and back-end expertise to create fully functional applications, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient development cycles. It ensures a cohesive user experience and easier maintenance, making it ideal for building sophisticated and scalable solutions to meet modern user needs.


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