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Gian Carlo Fontanos

Application Developer

With a background as a mechanical engineer in the semiconductors and electronics industry, Gian brings a wealth of experience to the table. In his previous role as a Manufacturing Process Engineer, his primary focus was optimizing productivity through the design, implementation, and testing of innovative work procedures and workflows. Gian meticulously tracked metrics, identifying areas for improvement, and conducted risk assessments to uphold productivity and quality standards.

Transitioning into the realm of App Development, Gian's current role involves ensuring the quality and reliability of apps through meticulous manual testing, utilizing test cases that he personally generates. A perpetual learner, he is dedicated to mastering tools like Flutterflow, Bubble, and Creatio, adding them to his arsenal of LCNC (Low Code No Code) tools.

The value Gian brings to Nymbl and its clients lies in his extensive engineering background. Having successfully enhanced efficiency and quality in his past endeavors, he aims to leverage this experience in his evolving role as an app developer. As he continues to grow in this field, Gian is enthusiastic about contributing to Nymbl's success by applying his unique skill set and dedication to continuous improvement.

Gian Carlo Fontanos