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Max Clark

UX / UI Designer

Max is a Human-Computer Interaction specialist based in London, England. He recently earned his Masters's Degree, where he honed his skills in designing digital experiences using user-centered design principles. Max's passion for UX design led him to intern at 'fatherli,' a start-up where he designed and evaluated their website and app user experience.

Currently, Max is a valued member of the Nymbl team, where he has already contributed to some exciting projects, including Nymbl's work for moveEV. Max brings a wealth of experience in UX design and Low Code/No Code platforms. His expertise lies in designing visually-rich applications that cater to user requirements, ensuring a user-centered design approach in all his work. Max's deep understanding of the latest UX design trends allows him to create cutting-edge experiences that are both trendy and relevant to today's digital landscape.

At Nymbl, Max collaborates with other UX designers, working to streamline the UX design process to better align with the work of Nymbl's solution architects. His contributions have been instrumental in creating design solutions that seamlessly integrate with the company's mission to provide the best possible experience for its clients.

Outside of work, Max enjoys staying active and is an avid tennis player. He also loves traveling and exploring new places, always seeking out new experiences to inspire his work.

Max Clark