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Revitalizing Plaid Pantry

A Digital Transformation Success Story

How Nymbl Transformed Plaid Pantry’s App Experience

Annual Revenue
Portland, Oregon


Plaid Pantry encountered multiple issues with their application, including low user engagement due to an outdated user experience, lack of targeted marketing, and a lack of customization for users.

To overcome these challenges, Plaid Pantry sought to modernize the user interface, improve age verification accuracy, enhance content curation capabilities, and introduce personalized features aiming to boost user satisfaction and loyalty.


Through Nymbl’s innovative services and tailored solutions, they enabled Plaid Pantry to reinforce and add to their growing digital marketing strategies with a new app platform to reach their customers. The new Plaid Pantry App allows them to attract more users, position themselves for future additional add-ons to the app, and enhance brand loyalty. Additionally, Plaid Pantry saw substantial workflow and monetary savings.


Nymbl successfully addressed the problems by implementing a series of effective solutions. Firstly, they revamped the entire user experience with a beautiful and modern application built using FlutterFlow, resulting in a significant increase in user engagement. Secondly, they also developed a Retool application for administration, providing full control over the application’s content and user engagement, allowing for real-time adjustments and updates. This not only streamlined the management process but also improved the overall user experience. Finally, they integrated with LexisNexis and Altria to provide the ability for better targeted marketing. With these innovative solutions, Nymbl successfully fixed the previous issues, creating a more engaging, secure, and user-friendly application.

Achievements made

Plaid Pantry

Targeted marketing capabilities

Modernized user experience

Streamlined usability

Improved back-end management of the app

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