FlutterFlow is a browser-based drag and drop interface to visually build mobile apps without writing code. A visual builder on top of Google's Flutter (the most popular cross platform developer framework) allows Nymbl to build apps faster and easier, with less code.

FlutterFlow at a glance

Target User

Startups wanting to launch native mobile apps

Skill Level

Moderate learning curve; JavaScript/SQL proficiency not required

Most Commonly Built with FlutterFlow

Consumer-facing mobile applications (e.g., social media app for a dog—post images to news feed, geo-located walks, diet/nutrition, etc.)

Sample Use Cases for FlutterFlow
  • App to track a daily walk (route, benchmark times, share with friends, etc.)
  • Community forum for nature enthusiasts (review various species of plants in chat room)

Best Integrations

Tightly integrated with Google’s Firebase; integrates with REST APIs; integrates with databases via extensions

FlutterFlow Price Impact
  • Free tier
  • Standard tier - $30/mo
  • Pro tier - $70/mo
  • Teams tier - $70/user/month

Efficient, good bargain; build infinite apps for $70/mo.

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5/5 "Fastest evolving app-building service. The best thing is the speed of prototyping. We can try and test a new idea in a matter of 1-2 days. Getting a real working app instead of just a mockup." 

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Top Features

  • [one-push deployment] Easily deploy on Android or IOS with one tool
  • [analytics] Robust analytics tools allows user feedback to assist prototyping 
  • [google maps] Easy integration of maps 
  • [payments] Easily connects to Stripe to receive payments
  • [drag & drop builder] Outstanding visual UI builder with template screens



  • [opinionated] Can be frustrating if developer disagrees with mandated way to do things on FlutterFlow
  • [logic] Can be difficult to do complicated business logic
  • [API] Some APIs left behind; authentication feature is missing



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