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Tech in 2023 Unwrapped: How AI Took Over

By Gian Adato

AI is here. 

2023 is when the whole world started to experience it. It got the business changing - with continuous advancements in various applications such as natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning. It is now making waves of significant contributions across many industries like healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more. 

In one interview, Microsoft founder Bill Gates even compared the rise of AI to how PC started to revolutionize the world. “This is as big as a breakthrough or milestone as I’ve seen in the whole digital realm which really starts quite young, “ shares Gates. Here’s a closer look how AI took over the year 2023. 

2023: AI Begins to Change Us

Many of us have used chatgpt by now for research or tasks like copywriting and editing. In programming, AI tools have been used for writing code, quality assurance and building small applications. We’ve talked about this here.  

New technologies like easy-to-use AI tools are reshaping organizations. This generative AI has urged companies like Canva, Apple and many others to use AI to help them, and not overtake their work. There are job platforms like SEEK in Australia using AI to do better talent matching, proving that AI is meant to have a more robust system to meet a company’s objectives of providing better services to their clients. For creative organizations like Canva, they give more options or templates for their customers to choose from, which would usually require heavy GPUs (Graphic processing unit).

AI Breaking Thru App Development in 2023

Some of the benefits of AI were the increasing speed of development, improved quality assurance and also the simplification of app development. In the future, it will become even easier for citizen developers to build mobile or web applications. At Nymbl, we have used AI tools since the beginning of 2023 and have seen a tremendous improvement in productivity. As a company aimed at providing top-notch tech services to its clients, it is important to be abreast with how AI can help provide ease and simplify app development. Learn more on how AI has low-code no-code platforms use AI in application development here

While application development has already increased in speed just from implementing these first versions of AI assistants, more and more applications are being built on these platforms each day. Over time, they will get more and more powerful and accurate. This would still need the help of a human mind - app developers who are skilled to harness the power of AI into what they are building. They might still need work from time to time, transitioning to use and integrate AI into their solutions will just get less difficult as time goes by. 

How Do You Adapt in 2024?

”AI enables development teams to execute faster, either through a platform or through the generation of quality code (or no code).  Additionally It supports requirements gathering. For example AI assistants can speed up the context and detail of writing user stories. We are working to include more and more of this functionality to provide the best state of the art application development and technology agnostic advisory services to our clients”, says Nymbl Founder and CEO, Martyn Mason.

Now for your business, AI might just be a friend. Your business needs to adapt to changing trends or it might hit the wall. If you’re looking to see how AI can help you, or whatever it is your building, Nymbl can help you find a solution. Contact us here.

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