New Reality Taking Shape with Mendix 10.6

By Nymbl Team

Mendix 10.6 is here! A jam-packed release and we couldn’t be any more excited! Updates include pairing artificial intelligence (AI) capability with low code technology. Let’s do a rundown below these exciting new updates! 

Learn what Mendix is here and how Nymbl can help you innovate your business with this tool! Nymbl is a technology advisory and development agency using low-code no-code technology - and is a Mendix partner with actual use cases. Learn more about AI and how it can potentially shape your business by contacting us here

Ensure Scalability with Mendix 10

A lot of companies from startups to large enterprises are struggling with manual and tedious processes in their operations, not to mention maintaining legacy systems while having barriers in integration. Mendix’ intention with Mendix 10 was to simplify complexity faced in enterprise software development. With improved collaboration and communication between business and IT, Mendix 10 can ensure scalability by giving organizations the power to increase development output. Mendix 10 offers:

  • App Entitlement
  • Application Health Dashboard
  • Epics & Portfolio Management integration
  • Enhanced app management
  • Enhanced platform user management
  • App Insights (Mini surveys, Feedback modules)
  • Mendix Solutions Kit
  • Simplified security overview in a matrix format

The Power of Low-Code Technology and AI-assisted Development

With Mendix 10.6, Mendix is pairing AI-assisted development and low-code together to make development faster and easier than ever before. This combination will enable your existing team to:

  • Develop smarter regardless of their current skill level
  • Integrate with any technology
  • Maximize the reuse of common components
  • Better bridge communication and priority gaps

This pairing of AI and low-code gives development teams an advantage in several ways:

  1. MendixChat – this feature goes beyond being a helpful chatbot by tapping into Generative AI to help answer development questions and provide real-time guidance. MendixChat is currently in beta.
  2. MxAssist – Mendix's best practice AI bot, is comprised of several functions, including the MxAssist Logic Bot that helps to suggest, model, and configure your application logic in Mendix Studio Pro. MxAssist acts as your intelligent virtual co-developer that helps you improve your app by inspecting your app model against 10+ years of Mendix development best practice data in Mendix Studio Pro.
  3. Validation Assist - which helps developers build validation microflows in a more automated way using pre-built expressions.
  4. Out-of-the-box connectors with AI platforms like AWS Bedrock. Read more about this partnership here.

Create, Expand and Harness Technology

Mendix has made it easy to capitalize on new, emerging technologies using low-code. Create user experiences across many UIs (web, mobile, AR/VR, voice assistants, chatbots, etc.). Harness AI/ML to build smart solutions, all while managing the performance, scalability, and security of your applications across diverse platforms and modalities. Mendix 10.6 offers:

  • AWS Connectors:
  • ML Kit
  • DB Connector / Data Importer
  • MXDP capabilities
  • Easy integrations
  • Visual Database Constraint building

Unlock Valuable Insights For Transparency and Control

With Mendix 10.6, you can unlock valuable insights into your application portfolio for better control and management. Because of the centralized nature of the platform application management, it is easy to provide transparency to stakeholders while at the same time reducing the challenge of juggling various elements like:

  • Delivering on user requirements
  • Optimizing system efficiency
  • Safeguarding data
  • And adjusting to changing technological trends and regulatory demands

Tyler Stubbs, Senior Solutions Architect and Technology Partner of Mendix at Nymbl has this to say about this latest important update:

“In my humble opinion, Mendix has always lead the pack regarding application management, having a cloud based dashboard for each and every app, to add and manage team members and roles, see the centralized team server where all the team's branches and mainline commits live, create build packages, and deploy them to your environments. Seeing 10.6 continue to emphasize and grow that application and data management at the portfolio level is truly industry leading, keeping it centralized, and helping keep the tough decision IT directors need to make, easy, on which low-code platform to run their business on.”

He adds, “The MxAssist AI bots have been a great addition since their inception years ago in Studio Pro development, and lastly, I could write a whole other blog post on the Mendix Solutions Kit and why that is the best thing Mendix can offer right now, allowing companies and teams with fewer resources and big ideas to go make their app, bring it to market, onboard clients, and manage upgrade rollouts. For now, we can surely get excited about and dig into 10.6.” 

With this, Mendix 10.6 is becoming a game-changer in the world of enterprise software development. As Mendix does a lot already, it further simplifies the development process, unlocks insights, offers and promotes transparency, fully embraces AI-enablement, and ultimately breaks down team and data silos alike for the best possible outcomes. Mendix 10.6 empowers developers to achieve more with the same team and resources. Original Mendix article can be found here. You can learn more about how Nymbl can help you build apps with Mendix here.

Nymbl is a technology advisory and development agency using low-code no-code technology - and is a Mendix partner with actual use cases. Learn more about AI and how it can potentially shape your business by contacting us here

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