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Is Webflow Good for SEO?


When operating a business online, it is crucial to ensure your site generates the traffic necessary to remain competitive in your industry and create a positive user experience. That is where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes into play.

Plenty of low-code and no-code website builders offer a variety of high-quality features to help create SEO-optimized sites. Webflow stands out among other platforms for its features that allow you to customize your website for SEO best practices. With Webflow, you can build an entire website complete with SEO features without writing a single line of code using their pre-code layouts and drag-and-drop functionality.

Does Webflow Offer Automated SEO Features?

Yes, Webflow offers automated SEO controls to manage on-page SEO elements and ensure your site gets the traffic it needs to remain competitive. Webflow can also update some of the more common areas of SEO.

  • Meta Titles/Meta Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Canonical tags
  • H1 and H2 Headings
  • Robots.txt changes
  • XML Sitemaps
  • And More

One of the other unique benefits of Webflow is the balance between the visual, no-code development and the ability to edit the code through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Unlike other platforms like WordPress or Wix, Webflow offers the framework and flexibility to create a unique user experience for your target audience that enhances SEO performance and generates optimal search engine results.

Along with automated SEO capabilities, Webflow's platform provides the groundwork for higher rankings by giving users the flexibility to create a website their audience will spend more time browsing.

Are Webflow's SEO Elements Customizable?

Along with the automated SEO features built into Webflow's platform, there are several features you can add and customize in Webflow's SEO settings that are relevant to your ranking factor and allow you to showcase your website's brand and products while increasing organic traffic.

Schema Markup

Among Webflow's SEO tools is a built-in layout for creating a schema markup. Help Google understand your website's content and display your products' information by adding the necessary code to the provided tab. While Webflow does not automatically generate a schema markup, you can easily add one through any known existing code to replicate the schema markup you seek.

XML Sitemap Controls

With Webflow's sitemap controls, you can auto-generate a sitemap that will also update each time you publish your website. If you want a more customized sitemap, write your own and manually add the HREFLANG tags. Webflow lets you easily update and edit page titles and descriptions and submit your sitemap to Google Search Console.

Alt Tag Editing

With Webflow simple alt tag editing, you can quickly and easily update your image metadata with just a few clicks. You can also style your pictures by adding filters, borders, and dynamic alt text. This ensures all your photos are accessible to readers and search engine crawlers, streamlining the process of ensuring Google indexes your images.

301 Redirects

Making sure your pages and URLs stay updated can be a time-consuming process. Using 310 redirects to maintain an old site is also a good practice for maintaining ranking power. With this feature, you can redirect old pages or folders to different locations on your site through a few simple clicks. Webflow even allows users to redirect multiple pages in a folder to a single URL

Google Analytics

Your Webflow website can seamlessly be connected to Google Analytics through a basic plugin, allowing you to track and analyze your website's ranking to optimize your SEO strategy.

Do Webflow Websites have Fast Loading Times?

Webflow is also created with clean code and operates on the AWS cloud platform's global CDN, which makes Its sites' loading speeds fast and SEO-friendly.

According to Google Page Speed Tests, an empty Webflow site scores 100 PageSpeed for desktops and 92 for mobile devices. One of the benefits of Webflow's platform is that it does not require plugins to optimize speed, as all necessary tools are available through pre-coded templates.

Are Webflow Sites Mobile-Friendly?

Another crucial factor in SEO is whether or not you can build a site with a responsive design so that mobile and desktop devices can adequately display your website's content. With so many people using mobile phones over desktops, adapting your website to be amenable to users is paramount. If your website only loads and functions from a desktop screen, you lose thousands of users who could browse your site and increase your traffic.

Webflow allows you to adjust screen sizes throughout development to ensure your design is responsive to all platforms.


Overall, Webflow is a good development platform for SEO. With built-in automated features and pluggable SEO features, users can control various ranking factors, such as schema markups, sitemap controls, alt-tag editing, and 301 directs.

At NYMBL, we blend our mastery of Webflow with stunning Figma designs to produce visually striking, top-performing websites customized for major corporations. Our focus on peak performance, mobile adaptability, SEO, and user-friendly management ensures a seamless digital journey. We offer thorough training and continuous support from inception to post-launch to guarantee an unparalleled online presence.

Visit our website development services page to see some of our case studies!

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