Mendix is a powerful and highly versatile productivity app platform that has proven to be a game-changer for businesses seeking to develop custom web and mobile applications. One of the many success stories is Nymbl, which has leveraged the Mendix platform to build interactive, multi-user applications for desktop and mobile web browsers. With Mendix, Nymbl has been able to easily create and manage complex logic and databases, and the platform's intuitive and customizable interface has allowed the team to rapidly iterate and deploy new features and functionality.

Mendix at a glance

Target User

Ideally suited for Mid-Size to Enterprises looking to quickly launch an app, prioritize and maintain enterprise application portfolio, or adopt to complement enterprise architecture governance.

Skill Level

Detail Oriented, Tech-saavy business analysts and career developers alike.

Most Commonly Built with Mendix

B2B, B2B2C, Revenue Generating, Internal Operational Efficiency, Legacy Migration and Consolidation, Client Engagement

Sample Use Cases for Mendix

Custom built CRM, IOT Event Management, Supply Chain and Logistics, Configure Price Quote System, Legacy System Workflow Migration

Best Integrations

Mendix can interface with any third party service with an API

Support for all major integration and database protocols, ex. REST, SOAP, ODATA, JDBC, XML, WSDL, etc.

Mendix Price Impact
  • Free Tier - $0/Free - Jump in and give it a try
  • Basic - $60/Free - Create simple workgroup applications
  • Standard - $950/Free - Build department-wide business applications
  • Premium - Get a Quote - Build department-wide business applications

Flexible pricing for teams of all sizes. Almost no barrier of entry, sign up for free to get the Mendix IDE. Fully featured, no hidden fees, no commitment, no credit card required. Multiple pricing scenarios for internal/external users, B2B, B2B2C, B2C, and scaling volume pricing

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Top Features

  • Full-stack, model-driven, low-code platform to rapidly create multi-channel, web, mobile, hybrid, native, and offline applications
  • 1-Click deployments to cloud/hybrid/on-premise environments, can tie in with existing DevOps pipelines
  • Supports all major integration protocols to connect with virtually any system, database, service, API, or application
  • Robust application lifecycle & collaboration tool sets available out-of-the-box including agile, scrum, and kanban, directly integrated with IDE
  • Full application, data, platform, runtime, and cloud security controls
  • Application tech stack is architected for scalability, elasticity, repeatability, modularity, reuse, portability, and resilience
  • Each application can be independently developed and deployed, to promote microservices-based development and Twelve Factor app best practices



  • Each application can be independently developed and deployed, governance model recommended for large app portfolios
  • UX/UI accessibility controls, can achieve some compliance levels
  • Offline app capabilities offer more than most, but leave more to be desired
  • Out-of-the-box document generation is simplistic, and can tie in with document generation services easily for robust requirements



Our objective evaluation

Ease of Use
Meets Requirements Score
Quality of Support Score
Data Security
Full application and data security controls

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