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Zeppelin’s Success Story with Vinyl and Nymbl

A Low-Code Solution to Supercharge data validation, cleansing, and integration.

Annual Revenue
Friedrichshafen, Germany
Trade, Mechanical Engineering and Services


Zeppelin is a global leader in the mechanical engineering industry with more than 340 sites in 26 countries and regions and more than 10,000 employees worldwide. The award-winning company focuses on offering pioneering solutions in the fields of construction industry, drive and energy systems, engineering and plant engineering. The Group provides customers with expertise in a number of areas, from the distribution and service of construction, mining, forestry and agricultural machinery, through rental and project solutions for the construction sector and industry as a whole, to drive and energy systems as well as engineering and plant engineering, and enhances its offering with digital capabilities in all areas.

Zeppelin’s data management processes were inefficient due to the use of a variety of different data sources across the organization. The BI department was burdened with manually validating and communicating errors in flat files provided by Business Units, causing extra work and delays in the data upload process.


The application provides several benefits to Zeppelin, including a streamlined workflow that supports the business and increases ownership of Business Units. The solution improved the quality assurance of delivered information and external data, resulting in higher data quality and efficiency during data transfer to BI. Additionally, the solution eliminated back-and-forth communication between IT and Business Units, resulting in faster processes and greater transparency for Business Users.


Zeppelin’s BI department was able to build a data validation solution themselves supported by the enablement services from Nymbl. The business users select the data source they want to upload and can stage the data for review. Data can then be automatically validated by business logic validations that were built into the system, to ensure that the data is formatted correctly. Once the data is validated, the user can commit the data to the target data source, the BI database.

Achievements made


The initial use case was built and launched within 30 days.

Automated Data Validation, Cleansing, and Integration Workflow.

Ownership Transferred from IT users to Business Users.

Saved 20 hours a month with the initial use case.

what our clients say


“With Nymbl and Vinyl, it was possible to quickly implement our use case and add value to the business. The application increased the efficiency and quality of the process through a workflow. The whole concept of Vinyl is intuitive to understand and the possibilities are endless.”

Georgios V.
Functional BI Architect at Zeppelin

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