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How Environmental Services Co. Achieved Greater Visibility and Efficiency

with Nymbl’s Innovative Low Code Solution

Nymbl Partners with Environmental Services Co. to Develop a Tech-Forward Solution for Streamlining Renewable Energy Production.

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Environmental Services Co. is a pioneering company that is leading the way towards a net-zero reality by producing clean, renewable energy across the US. They have achieved this through their innovative approach of producing low-carbon fuels from used elements like cooking oil and feedstock items.

Environmental Services Co. struggled to track production margins across its facilities and product lines. The complicated process built around custom Excel spreadsheet templates had become difficult to manage. Environmental Services Co. needed a more efficient and automated solution that could provide greater functionality and scalability. Environmental Services Co. wanted to gain more visibility into its renewable energy production, streamline the tracking and reporting process, and inform future decisions using accurate data and analysis.


By utilizing a low code platform, Nymbl created a custom solution for Environmental Services Co., allowing them to gain greater visibility, streamline processes, and inform future decisions. Environmental Services Co. can now easily monitor the performance and impact of their projects and integrate more existing systems and data feeds, allowing for better insights into their entire operation. The partnership with Nymbl has been a successful one, with Environmental Services Co. confident that it will play an integral role in their future operations.


Environmental Services Co. partnered with Nymbl to develop an innovative tech-forward system that could meet their needs. Nymbl and Environmental Services Co. worked together to develop a custom solution using a low code platform. The platform allowed Environmental Services Co. to ingest external pricing data feeds through an API and SFTP, seamlessly integrating the necessary information into their dashboard. This advanced dashboard provided actionable insights that gave users an in-depth view of the pricing trends in their industry, as well as key performance indicators which allowed them to make decisions based on real-time data.

Achievements made

Environmental Services Co.

MVP in hand within a month

Fully automated their reporting process

Saved over 1000 hours of work a year

De-risked Oracle Implementation

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“Nymbl has become an indispensable business partner – empowering us to take our Vinyl applications to the next level. Nymbl team members possess the acumen and patience necessary to understand our unique industry, and the knowledge required to translate our concepts into functioning tools. We appreciate their commitment towards advancing our mission and technology.”

Nicholas Rampone
Manager, Contract Performance

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