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Nymbl Empowers Crye Precision

with a Digitized Manufacturing Process and Low Code Tools.

Nymbl helped Crye Precision Upgrade its Business Operations and Drive Efficiency with Customized Low Code Solutions.

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New York, New York


Crye Precision, a leading manufacturer of innovative tactical and performance gear for military and law enforcement agencies, was struggling with an outdated ERP system that hindered the efficiency and data quality of its manufacturing process.

The company needed a newer, more agile solution that could keep up with their fast-paced operations while enhancing their tracking and data capabilities. They sought a team that had expertise in both No Code/Low Code tools and NetSuite to help them migrate to the newer system while integrating it with their current low code tool.


Crye Precision was able to streamline its manufacturing process, improve data quality, and digitize its business operations to the next level. The custom-built tools created by Nymbl helped Crye Precision gain full control of its business operations, enhancing productivity and enabling better decision-making capabilities.


With the help of the Nymbl team, Crye Precision successfully converted from their old legacy ERP to Oracle’s NetSuite using custom-built No Code/Low Code tools that improved their business operations, enabled easy tracking of manufacturing processes, and automated demand planning and shipping management processes. This saved the company huge amounts of time that could now be dedicated to creating better processes and expanding the business.

Achievements made

Nymbl's Impact on Crye Precision

ERP Migration (Successful in 2 months on both budget and quality)

Automated demand planning

Manufacturing process tracking

Shipping management process automation

what our clients say


“I want to say thanks to the Nymbl team members for all the work on this tool. It’s a game changer for our department, saving us many hours each week! Really appreciate it.”

Beth Rodriguez
Director of Customer Service & Sales

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