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Gian Adato

Marketing Manager

Gian is a seasoned marketer with an illustrious career spanning 16 years, during which he has left his mark on global giants like Apple and Hitachi, as well as regional powerhouses such as AirAsia and Jobstreet by SEEK. His expertise extends to navigating the dynamic landscape of SaaS applications, having worked with platforms like Kustom360 and HoyTech Asia. Passionate about content marketing, Gian understands its pivotal role in shaping brand perception and engaging target audiences across businesses of all sizes.

In his diverse career journey, Gian has delved into both B2B and B2C marketing, business development, and client partnerships. His approach is grounded in a deep understanding of business goals, seeking organic solutions before optimizing reach through performance marketing strategies. Beyond the boardroom, Gian finds solace and inspiration in music, often immersing himself in its diverse offerings, from reading about artists to performing and singing. His commitment to social causes is evident through his involvement in outreach programs for typhoon-stricken communities in the Philippines.

As a versatile host, Gian lends his skills to various events, from intimate weddings to corporate gatherings and webinars, adding his signature touch to each occasion. In his new role with Nymbl, Gian is poised to leverage his wealth of experience to amplify the narrative around low code no code (LCNC) technology. His mission is to craft compelling content that highlights the transformative potential of LCNC for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprises across the US. By implementing efficient marketing structures and leveraging cutting-edge tools, Gian aims to expand Nymbl's reach and foster meaningful engagements with prospective clients.

Outside of work, Gian finds joy in exploring diverse cultures through travel and savoring culinary delights. He cherishes quality time spent with family, especially his three adorable nieces, and indulges his father's passion for movies. An avid explorer, Gian seeks solace in the beauty of nature, often embarking on drives to picturesque locales adorned with sun-kissed beaches and breathtaking sunsets.

Gian Adato