Bubble is a revolutionary visual programming language and no-code development platform that allows businesses to create highly interactive web applications with ease. With Bubble, companies like Nymbl can build web apps that are multi-user and cross-platform, making them accessible on both desktop and mobile web browsers. The platform is highly customizable and intuitive, making it easy to build out complex logic and manage databases without needing extensive coding skills.

Bubble at a glance

Target User

Ideally suited for startups wanting to launch their MVP quickly

Skill Level

Steep learning curve for building complex apps

Most Commonly Built with Bubble

Dashboards, Directory & Listings, Landing Pages, Marketplaces

Sample Use Cases for Bubble

Dashboard to display/manage data from variety of sources (e.g., payments from Stripe) 

Best Integrations

Can interface with any third party service with an API

Bubble Price Impact
  • Free tier
  • Personal tier - $25/mo
  • Professional tier - $115/mo
  • Production tier - $475/mo

High impact for price, may be offset by learning curve / scale issues. Far lower cost than traditional programming languages.

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4.5/5 "Easy to build any application you can think of. No coding skills needed. Subpar performance on large data sets, Expose API capabilities are a bit limited."

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Top Features

  • [connect] Pull data from other sources using APIs to add functionality not provided 
  • [design] Intuitive drag-and-drop interface creates responsive, mobile-friendly apps 
  • [scale] Hosted infrastructure and server maintenance with limitless users
  • [engage] Track behaviors to make better decisions as business evolves.
  • [collaborate] Dozens of users can communicate or collaborate in real time via chat, audio, video call, or shared interface. 



  • [compatibility] Doesn’t support building native apps that run on Android or iOS. 
  • [graphics] Not possible to build games/apps with complex graphics requirements. 



Our objective evaluation

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Data Security
Encryption at REST

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