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Empowering Business Leaders to Reach Complex Solutions Faster

Founders, Technology Visionaries and Business Leaders (CEOs, COOs, CFOS) often have business acumen but lack the technical skills to develop scalable applications.


Nymbl offers a range of services to help leaders execute their vision by eliminating technology constraints, thereby bringing solutions to market faster.







Analysis of Alternatives 

Timeline: 4 - 8 weeks

Price: Starts at $30,000

An evaluation of use cases against leading platforms provides tailored recommendations meeting requirements identified in the Solution Intent.

Deliverable Assets

  • Use Case Definition

    • Problem-Solution Analysis

    • High Level Solution Use Case

  • Company Overviews

    • Location & Size

    • Target Market

    • Pricing Model

  • Quantitative Comparisons

    • Up to 5 categories with 3 to 5 subcategories

  • Solution Recommendation

  • System Demos



Organizational Alignment

Timeline: 2 months

Price: Starts at $50,000

After listening and learning how your business runs, an operating system connecting relevant components is built to strategize, plan and track goals across the organization.

Deliverable Assets

  • Organizational Strategy

    • Problem-Solution Analysis

    • Organization Offerings

    • Organizational Operating Framework

    • 18 month Roadmap

  • Org Workflow Configuration 

    • Defined Business Processes

    • Defined Roles & Responsibilities

    • Templated Information Assets

    • Execution System Mapping

  • Alignment Operating System 

    • Dynamic Strategy Communications

    • Integrated Workflows

    • Planning Tools

    • Reporting Dashboards



Proof of Concept

Timeline: 2 weeks

Price: Starts at $5,000

Create a real Low Code / No Code application to demo. 




Timeline: Monthly

Price: Starts at $1,000 per month

Need help supporting an existing Low Code / No Code application? We'll assign a Solution Architect and App Developer to your team to assist in bug fixes and small improvements.



Dedicated Team

Timeline: Weekly

Price: Starts at $8,000/week

Get a fully dedicated team at a fraction of the price of hiring someone in-house. With our dedicated team framework, you get access to one full time application developer, part time project manager, UX Designer, infrastructure architect and bi-weekly check-ins with your Client Partner. And if you need more than a dedicated app developer, our rate starts at just $165 per hour.



Solution Intent

Timeline: 2 - 4 weeks

Price: (w/ Technical Assessment)

Starts at $25,000

(w/o Technical Assessment)

Starts at $20,000

A client engagement model enables Nymbl to understand a company’s business problems first, before translating it into visual assets developers can use to quickly realize solutions and minimize technical debt.

Deliverable Assets

  • Solution Strategy

    • Problem - Solution Analysis

    • High level Solution Use Cases

  • Experience Overview

    • Actor Definition

    • Object Definition

    • Use Case Diagram

    • Atomic Data Model

  • Implementation Plan

    • Resource Plan

    • Proposed Roadmap



Technical Assessment

Timeline: 2 weeks

Price:  Starts at $15,000

Evaluating existing systems, recommendations for modernization and re-platforming are offered.

Deliverable Assets

  • Use Case Definition

    • Problem-Solution Analysis

    • High Level Solution Use Case

  • Technical Recommendations

    • As-Is Component Diagram

    • Solution Stack Recommendation

    • Potential Solution Demos

  • Data Profiling and Analysis

    • Row and Column Counts

    • Overview ERD

  • Experience Overview

    • Actor Definition

    • Object Definition

    • Use Case Diagram

    • Atomic Data Model



Web + App Dev Projects 

Timeline: Quoted

Price: Starts at $10,000 per project

Nymbl manages the strategy, design, development, and project management of Low Code/No Code applications from top to bottom based on agreed upon deliverables.



Website Development

Timeline: Up to 2 Weeks

Price: Starts at $75/Hour

Your website is the key to your business. It's most likely the first place people go for more information and it should reflect who you are as a brand and business. If you need a site or already have one but aren't proud of, let us structure or redesign your page using no code builders. At the end of the build, we can show you how to maintain your site and give you all the tools you need to keep everything working and looking superb. 

*Prices and timelines are estimates and may change depending on scope of work. 

Not seeing what you're looking for? We can also customize a plan that fits your business needs! 

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