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Low Code No Code Assessment Pricing

Timeline: 1 to 2 Weeks

Price: $7,500

Work with our Client Strategy Partners to understand your current Low Code / No Code needs and possible paths forward. See demos of systems in our portfolio and get inspired. Lastly, we'll interview your business and IT Teams to come up with a set of recommended next steps.

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Low Code No Code Governance and Advisory Pricing
Governance + Advisory

Timeline: Continuous

Price: Starts at $2,000 per month

Get access to our network of Client Strategy Partners, use cases, platform demos, newsletters and content. Schedule unlimited inquiries to see demos and client use cases to make informed decisions. In addition, your designated Client Strategy Partner will evaluate and advise your Low Code / No Code projects and teams based a yearly plan.

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Evaluate low code no code product pricing

Timeline: 4 Weeks

Price: ~$20,000 

If you have an existing Low Code / No Code Stack and want to improve or evaluate other products, we can help! We'll work with your IT and Business teams to see how we can help maximize the value of your system or give you a path forward to move on to a new one.

We'll build your initial use on one or two platforms! Our teams will guide you in documenting your business requirements so you can take them to your internal teams or to a future partner. Sometimes, making the best decision on a platform  requires that you just build  and test! In addition, we can help with pricing projections and make recommendations on structuring your team for success.

Proof of Value for low code no code services pricing
Proof of

Timeline: 3 Weeks

Price: $15,000

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Timeline: 2 Weeks

Price: $10,000

Build your application on a Low Code / No Code platform and see what we or our network of partners can accomplish in two weeks! In the end, you will have a real application to demo.

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Low Code No Code SaaS Pricing
SaaS Products

Timeline: Continuous

Price: Starts at $10,000, then monthly support

Have a great idea you're trying to get off the ground? After we develop the MVP, we can help you scale your product to the market. Use us as your technical co-founder.

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Provide us your vision and leverage our experience in building hundreds of Low Code / No Code apps. We'll manage the strategy, design, development, project management, and from top to bottom. We work based on agreed upon deliverables to ensure predictable and transparent budgets.

Low Code No Code Projects Pricing

Timeline: Quoted

Price: Starts at $10,000 per project

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Low Code No Code Strategy and Consulting Support Pricing

Timeline: Monthly

Price: Starts at $1,000 per month

Need help supporting an existing Low Code / No Code application? We'll assign a Solution Architect and App Developer to your team to assist in bug fixes and small improvements.

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*Prices and timelines are estimates and may change depending on scope of work. 

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